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Hand tied flies plus water-proof box

120 Pcs Fly Fishing Wet/Dry Flies and Nymphs with Tackle Box



120 Piece Pro Fly Fishing Wet/Dry Flies and Nymphs with Water-Proof Tackle Box


This Hand Tied Pro-Fly fishing set with water-proof box will keep you fishing all summer.. Order Right Now For Just $76.00

Hand Tied Flies with Sharp High Carbon Hooks
Fishing Flies plus Water-Proof Box
120 pieces Of Our Most Popular Flies


The fly box includes: -120 PCS  Flies

        45x Dry Flies; 5* #16 Hooks, 5* #14 Hooks, 15* #12 Hooks, 20* #10 Hooks

        45x Wet Flies; 10* #12 Hooks, 30* #10 Hooks, 5* #8 Hooks

        10x Streamer Flies; 5* #8 Hooks, 5* #6 Hooks

        15x Nymph Flies, #14 Hooks

        5x Emerger Flies, #14 Hooks


    • 21 different styles, 6 different hook sizes, 5 different files,allows the option of fishing in various conditions.
    • Hand-tied by professionals with sharp carbon steel hooks.
    • Unique life-like fly patterns, effectively imitate hoppers, crickets, lady bugs and ants.
    • Vivid colors, easy to draw game fish attention, suitable for stream fishing.
    • Most popular and productive flies are chosen, makes for an excellent flies kit.

Plastic Box-Fly fishing lure box portable waterproof plastic cases

Size = 13.6 x 8.6 x 3.6 cm

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